Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Late June update

On Sunday Bridget and I cut into a cheddar that she made about 10 weeks ago. It was made with half goat milk and half cow milk, and since the goat cheddar recipe calls for only 4 to 12 weeks of aging, we thought we'd give it a try (cow's milk cheddar calls for 3 months or more).

It turned out amazing, and I like it better than any of the derby's I have made. I'm excited to make more soon since it is ready so quickly and tastes so good. Between eight people we finished off about a third of the 2 lb. wheel, and the rest is in the fridge where the flavors are further developing (yum!).

Yesterday I brought all of our currently aging cheeses together for a photo:

The unwaxed cheeses in the front are, from left to right: rye whiskey soaked manchego, romano, Swiss (front), Black Jack, Parmesan. The full wheels of waxed cheese, from left to right, are: Wild chanterelle cheddar, traditional cheddar, gouda. The waxed halves and quarters are cinnamon cheese, red jalapeno derby, and smoked tomato derby.